Living your brand…

By September 2, 2020 blog
Living your brand

When entering uncharted waters or facing a universal threat, as we have experienced in recent months, many of us have had tough decisions to make. Remodelling our businesses, furloughing staff (who’d ever used this term before!) and trying to keep on helping our customers are challenges we have all faced, and uncertainty is still keeping us all awake at night.

As practices reopen, one thing has become certain: trust has never been more important and it’s clear that practice owners are looking to the dental industry to help them navigate the ‘new normal’. According to recent research, 71% of respondents felt that if they perceived that a brand was putting profit before people, they would lose trust in that brand forever.

This creates a dilemma for brands and marketeers alike and to succeed it is vital in these difficult times to demonstrate the brand values that made your business a success in the first place. However, we have seen marketing budgets slashed and some of the biggest dental brands in the world completely cutting communication with their customers.

One good way to highlight your brand values is by working with your current customers to gain testimonials which can then be used in social media posts, blogs and articles. Conducting a short research questionnaire is also a good way of gaining brand data from your customers that can then be written as a ‘White Paper’ and promoted via digital and conventional channels. This kind of content can be relatively simple to produce and deliver outstanding results as personal recommendation has proven to be the number one driver for purchase decisions at every stage of the buying cycle .

At Manan, we have used the past few months to take stock and look at how we can help dental business use their revised marketing budgets in a more creative way and as part of this we have launched our ‘Dental Words by Manan’ service. Our copywriting team knows dentistry inside out – from endo to ortho (and everything in between) – and we are here to help. We can deliver expertly crafted content in next to no time – whether that’s a series of blogs with social ‘snippets’ to post across your social media channels, a piece of eye-catching PR, or more in-depth articles or product testimonials and even research to write a white paper – we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

In uncertain times like these, it makes sense to really look at your budgets and to rework your marketing plan to make sure you are getting the best ‘bang for your buck’. This is also an opportunity to take stock and be prepared to innovate and modernise, embrace new channels and try new ideas by ripping up the marketing rulebook and think in a more creative way in the months and years ahead.

Need any help with your marketing? We are on hand to help with strategy and budget planning to make sure you can deliver the most effective marketing plan to make 2021 a highly successful year.

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