Creative design with beautiful and effective results.

In today’s noisy marketplace where images and words are everywhere and brands are competing for attention wherever you look, your creative needs to stand out. Our creative abilities are highly recognised in the industry and you can rely on us to make your brand cut through the noise. Our designers work across all media to produce designs that zing and make your brand sing!

Print advertising.

We know our gatefolds from our centrefolds but even more importantly we know how to create a print advertising campaign that delivers results. Our in-house team combines years of knowledge with attention-commanding design for maximum impact in the industry’s leading publications. Manan can even manage the whole print advertising campaign from booking to sending to the publisher as part of our account management service.

Social media visuals.

Polished and professional content will keep people returning to your company’s social media profiles – increasing engagement and brand loyalty. Here at Manan, we strongly believe in synchronicity when it comes to your marketing campaigns, which is why you can expect bespoke high-quality social media visuals from Manan in all formats available.

Digital advertising.

The internet affords advertising a whole new digital playing field which can direct potential customers right where you want them with the click of a mouse. Our design team are constantly coming up with creatives that spur audiences into action, perfectly packaged and delivered natively on your own website or on those within the trade.

Our bespoke websites are developed from scratch with your business’s goals and customers’ experience in mind.

Designed to fit in seamlessly with your existing marketing channels, the end product is a content-rich, real-time connection between you and your target audience.

In this digital age, websites are a crucial aspect of a customer’s decision-making process. After all, here you are, reading ours to determine whether we are the right people to take yours forward!

eCPD platforms.

Even CPD has gone digital! Join the world of online dental development with a bespoke eCPD solution your customers can access on the go. See what we’ve been able to achieve for one of our clients here.

Pre & post media production.

Video is an ever-evolving format and a speedy way to engage customers in the digital age. Whether you’d like to capture an event, teach your customers something new or launch a product – an expertly edited clip is the medium for your message. We’re on hand to script, storyboard, shoot and edit.


How you present your product has a huge effect on how it is perceived. Make it love at first sight with packaging that has been designed to appeal to all the senses – to give the best impression of your product and brand.


We’re privileged to have an immensely talented design team who can go the extra mile and draw up anything you can dream of. From portraits to prototypes – to representing your brand values as custom-drawn superheroes – we can do it!

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