We began working with dentisan in 2010, when they were looking to properly establish themselves as a brand within the dental market. Our original brief was to help them develop their brand and make the most of their newly formed relationship with Henry Schein Dental.

How we did it

When the dentisan brand we originally created turned 7 in 2017, we were asked to refresh the style and feel of their product portfolio and digital presence. This required an update to their product labels, bringing the style of these together across their range of 38 individual products, and also creating a design that would stand out as recognisable within the industry.

Alongside this, we needed to update the dentisan website, to refresh the design and make it more than just a website for showcasing products. dentisan have a strong education message, so we developed their website to accommodate a learning management system which now supports an education platform facilitating a range courses in the area of dental infection control. This is the dentisan VIP platform.