NSK UK has been a client of Manan since 2008, and during this time we have continuously helped them to improve and develop their branding, both locally and internationally.

How we did it

We have been producing the NSK product offer brochure now for several years. In 2017, the 10th anniversary of NSK UK, they felt it was time for a refresh and overhaul of the brochure, bringing it back in-line with their recent brand updates.

NSK are a manufacturer of a wide range of products for the dental industry, across a range of disciplines, including handpieces, contra-angles, autoclaves, ultrasonic scalers and implant motors. It would therefore be a challenge to present them all in enough detail without creating a huge brochure.

Our decision was to apply a modular style with products divided into different categories with clear, visual signposting to make it easy for the reader to find their way around. The final outcome was an attractive offer brochure that fitted the NSK brand and displayed the products, their specifications, offers, warranties and prices concisely and appealingly.