Our purpose

helping dental businesses grow and develop

Manan is a name with Gaelic roots meaning "opportunity” and denotes a positive approach towards change.

According to popular legend, it also stands for honour, strength, and greatness.

We like to think the meaning of our name underpins everything we do. In 2001 the founders of Manan, Sue Karran and Barbara Hutchinson, saw an opportunity to create a specialist strategic marketing agency, focussing on helping dental businesses grow. We have gone from strength to strength to now become the UK's leading dental creative communications agency.

At Manan, we provide a unique 360-degree service that places the client in the centre of a complete marketing circle and gives them the opportunity to benefit from an integrated communication portfolio of products and services. Through our creative ideas across all media and disciplines, this comprehensive approach turns products and brands into market leaders.

Manan 360 logo

A complete, integrated approach to a total marketing solution

Manan 360 diagram

Going beyond expectations

Our core belief is that we always go ‘beyond expectations’ to provide all our clients with exceptional return on investment. To do this, we combine specialist knowledge and understanding of the dental market with exceptional creativity that leads industry trends.

Fundamental to everything we do are the relationships we have with our clients. We always think of the client before ourselves and seek to become a trusted business partner, knowing that success will be rewarded in the development of long-term relationships.