We have worked with NSK for a number of years to help build their brand and increase awareness of their extensive product range within the UK dental industry.

How we did it

Maximising international advertising by highlighting British testimonials, our aim was to extend the design structure for use in UK e-shots, brochures and adverts, whilst securing prime and impactful positioning within many of the UK’s leading dental journals.

NSK have since developed their plans to embrace a complete 360 marketing solution. Using videos, social channels and microsites, they have successfully connected and forged relationships with key industry influencers, whilst continuing to meet the challenges facing all members of the dental team. The result: NSK have established themselves as the UK’s No.1 handpiece and equipment manufacturer!

Some of the websites that we have built for NSK over the years include:





Our aim was for all the websites to retain a similar look and feel which reflects the NSK brand whilst being tailored to their individual product ranges and services. Visitors to any of the sites immediately recognise the NSK brand and understand that they are part of a larger portfolio of products all sharing the high quality and precision craftsmanship that the company is so famous for.